German Music Festival

The German Music Festival is Germany's biggest music festival with 15,000 participating musicians and about 150,000 visitors from all over Germany and the neighboring countries in Europe.

In its
form and its effectively outside the German Music Festival is unique in Germany. The wind music scene is alive experiment and is worn especially by young musicians.
Wind Music is an integral part of living music culture in
Germany and anchored by a long tradition in Central Germany. Due to the participation of our European neighbors the German Music Festival presents a cultural exchange, continuation of the musican relationships and a bridge in Europe.

Meanwhile the 5th
 German Music Festival has a successful tradition and continuous development. Since 1989 it is established as a nationwide meeting and unique event of active musicians in Germany.
The German Music Festival offers a cycle of six years the presentation of the full range of music in
Germany. These ranges from traditional marches and folk music, classical and symphonic wind music to modern occupations in Jazz, rock, pop and folk.

Supported by
regional amateur music clubs, volunteer and professional orchestras the German Music Festival is a unique symbiosis of various music genres and ensembles in common exchange.

In various artistic and professional dialogue of the participants the German Music Festival gives sustainable impetus for the wind music culture and the work in clubs, associations and orchestras.


Organizer BDMV (Association of German Bands)


The organizer of the German Music Festival, the BDMV (Association of German Bands), is the umbrella organization for the most part voluntary active musician in Germany. Thus it is Germany's largest music organization with 1.3 million members, of which over 60% of active members are from 6 to 27 years old.


The BDMV has got nearly 11,000 clubs, organized in approximately 18,000 ensembles in 23 member associations. President of the BDMV is Siegfried Kauder, member of German parliament.


The BDMV is supported by the Symphonic Band Association of Saxony, which represents about 10,000 musicians throughout the State of Saxony.



If you want to participate in the German Music Festival, please contact the Festival office in Chemnitz:


Organization Office

German Music Festival 2013

Innere Klosterstr. 6-8

09111 Chemnitz

fon: +49 (0) 371 3660201

fax: +49 (0) 371 3660212